Mobility, Stretching, & Foam Rolling Workshop

10356776_904246379598978_3497860001158193382_nWhat is active-isolated stretching? This method of muscle and fascia lengthening works with your body’s physiology to safely improve your dynamic and effective flexibility. AIS is a safe and effective way to increase range of motion (ROM) and functional mobility, which means better engagement and active use of muscles.

Our Recharge co-owner and massage therapist Austin Baillie has trained with the Whartons who were pioneers in this technique over 20 years ago. Join him for this simple, but incredibly effective way of stretching with additional instruction on mobility exercises and foam rolling techniques to help keep your body healthy and flexible. We will provide the stretch ropes and foam rollers….come ready to move!

Check the Event schedule for our next Mobility, Stretching, and Foam Rolling Workshop held every month, and reserve your spot here! Only $15 to join, or FREE with your class membership!