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Prevent Injuries | Heal Faster | Perform Better

What exactly is an Recovery Lounge and how can it benefit you? Our mission is simple: Bring accessible and affordable injury recovery, better health, and increased performance to everyone!

After living at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, we realized the key component missing from most training programs is recovery.  Recovery is the game changer.  Athletes living at the training center have access to an incredible array of equipment and knowledge allowing them to train smarter by recovering faster.  Whether you are coming back from injuries, trying to lower the risk of future setbacks, or looking to increase your training potential, our Wellness Lounge has all the tools you need to help you reach your goals!

“Most people are guilty of taking care of others and not themselves; we offer the solution.”

Not only does our facility offer innovative recovery and therapy tools, but we’ve worked hard to create a place where people can come to get inspired, heal faster, and share their experiences.  While recovering in our infrared sauna or using ice compression for a sprained ankle, people of all levels can hang out and be a part of their local active community.  Add in free WiFi, big screen TVs, and comfy theater chairs…you may never want to leave! 

All the equipment in our Recovery Lounge is hand picked and thoroughly researched to bring you the best of the best in recovery science. And you can walk in anytime during front desk hours without an appointment and have unlimited use of these innovative tools, such as NormaTec massage boots & sleeves, GameReady ice compression wraps, a full spectrum infrared sauna, cold & hot therapy tubs, LaserTouchOne cold lasers with E-Stim, Vorteq Contrast Therapy, Rapid Release Vibration Treatment, and much, much more!

Take advantage of our First Timer 3-for-$30 to try out what our facility has to offer as well as join one of our small group training sessions. With memberships starting at only $95/month and punch cards available – what are you waiting for?

“Recharge is meant for everyone, from those dealing with injuries to the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, and our cutting edge facility allows us to pull the full vision together.”

NormaTec Massage

RJC_1448Got sore muscles? Excessive inflammation? On your feet all day? NormaTec leg boots, hip shorts, and arm sleeves utilize NormaTec’s patented Sequential Pulse Technology to deliver powerful external compression to speed the recovery process.

The dynamic compression sleeves mimic muscle pump and systematically push out inflammation, old blood, and lactic acid while providing a flushing massage. Starting in the medical world, NormaTec is helpful for a plethora of issues from diabetes, MS, wound healing, lymphedema, excessive swelling after travel or injuries, and sports performance by providing accelerated healing and recovery to all!

Recharge-Marker-smallNormaTec: The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

Recharge-Marker-smallThe Science Behind NormaTec Recovery

Recharge-Marker-smallGiants Quarterback Terrell Thomas Uses NormaTec Recovery

GameReady Ice Compression

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an acute injury, or a nasty bike crash, this apparatus will get you back in action faster.  GameReady wraps provide ice compression at 34 degrees to wherever you need extra attention and have excess inflammation. This is no ordinary ice machine…by cycling through from low to high pressure, cold blood is circulated through the injured area and swelling is pushed out so you can heal faster. When excess inflammation or swelling forms, your body can not get new blood into the injury and healing slows — therefore getting inflammation down is one of the most important steps to support the healing process, and nothing does that better than Game Ready!

  • Specific Compression Ice Treatment
  • Acute Injuries like Ankle Sprains
  • Treats Excessive Swelling
  • Pain Relief
  • Heals Injuries Faster

LaserTouchOne Treatment

The LaserTouchOne device combines a therapeutic cold laser with low-level electric stimulation (“e-stim”). This treatment provides alternative pain relief and is proven to accelerate the healing process by 30% by aiding cell regeneration and new cell growth as well as increasing blood flow to the treated area. Safe and proven very effective for acute injuries, chronic pain, and hot spots…Trusted treatment meets cutting edge technology!

  • Ankle and Wrist Sprains
  • Tennis Elbow and Frozen Shoulder
  • Post-Op and Scar Healing
  • Chronic Injuries
  • Knee Injuries and Pain
  • Neck Stiffness
  • Nerve Pain or Numbness
  • Tendonitis/Tendonosis
  • And much more!

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

The latest and greatest!  Sweat cleaner, feel better, and detox while you heal tissue faster.  This sauna focuses on far-infrared technology, combined with mid- and near-infrared waves, to heat the muscles directly…penetrating three inches deep immediately. This is no ordinary sauna session. You will feel the difference!

  • Increase Growth Hormone Production
  • Lower Cortisol Levels (“Stress Hormone”)
  • Sweat from the Fat Layer to Remove Toxins like Heavy Metals and Smoke 
  • Increase Blood Plasma Levels and the Oxygen-Carrying Capacity of Blood 
  • Increase Endurance by up to 30%
  • Thermal Regulation and Increase Core Body Temp (Get Sick Less!)

Vorteq Contrast Therapy

Vorteq is the first Automated Thermal Contrast Therapy device. While using hot and cold to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation is not new, Vorteq is the first to revolutionize the technology that can apply this treatment in an automatic and precise way to any part of the body. Now you can set temperatures from a range of 30 degrees to 115 degrees for targeted, specific therapy to wherever you need it.

And because the treatments are precisely applied they are much more effective!

  • Post Surgery Rehab
  • Specific Injury Treatment
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Treatment for Specific Acute and Chronic Injuries

Hot & Cold Tubs

Ever tried contrast therapy?  Go from cold to hot and back again (and again!) in order to flush out your body after hard training, travel, and stressful work conditions.  

Your body will thank you later!

By transitioning from hot to cold, you get a vasodilation and a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels that enables better blood flow and removal of inflammation than ice alone – working with your body’s natural healing systems. Studies show that this is much more beneficial than icing for recovery…and it is much more pleasant! Our tubs are set at the optimal temperatures of 52 degress and 104 degrees…so there is no guesswork! Towels and our infrared sauna are right next to the tubs for full body thermal therapy sessions as well – for overall increases in health and wellness!

  • Full Leg or Body Treatment
  • Thermoregulation
  • Speeds Training Recovery
  • All the Positive Effects of Icing Without the Negative Effects
  • Decreases Overall Soreness
  • Circulates Blood and Removes Inflammation
  • Increases Overall Health and Wellness
  • Treatment for Chronic and Systemic Issues