Awesome Holiday Gifts for Athletes

Awesome Holiday Gifts for Athletes

📅November 30th, 2015, 09:00

The holiday season is here, which means watching A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on repeat during long indoor trainer sessions on the bike during uncooperative weather and attending holiday party after holiday party to celebrate the season with friends and family.

Between training time and celebrating time, there’s little time left for holiday shopping. To ease your shopping stress – and to ensure you have adequate time for training and recovery – we’ve put together a list of awesome holiday gifts for athletes in your life. The best part? We’ve got all of these favorite items right here at Recharge, so you can combine recovery and holiday shopping in one stop!

roll recovery1. R8 Roll Recovery, $119.00

If you’ve ever tried using a foam roller after a long, exhausting workout you’ll understand why we love this massage tool as much as we do! Spring-loaded and easy to use without any exertion, the R8 is targeted to hit muscle groups used frequently by endurance athletes and doesn’t require leaving the comfort of your post workout spot on the couch.

The wheels (similar to the wheels you used to find on the bottom of your rollerblades) are paired with torsion springs to provide the perfect amount of massage pressure to keep blood moving and flush waste products after workout and races. It’s easily portable, so can go anywhere with you, self adjusts to fit all leg sizes, and is designed to target the quads, hamstrings, IT-bands, gluteus, calfs, shins, hip-flexors, and more. We’ve got them in our recovery lounge for you to demo and for sale in our retail space!

se20148120a-nm2. EC3D Compression Garments, $60-$70

If you can’t spend time in the NormaTec boots, or can’t get to them as quickly as you’d like to post workout, compression garments are your next best option.

We’ve got two different styles: a three-piece hybrid sock/calf sleeve that allows you to switch between active and recovery calf sleeves for both pre- and post- workout compression and a twist sock that allows you to wear them while working out that’s also perfect for post workout and long days of travel.

On any given day, you’ll find one of our team members wearing them while either working out or recovering (or both), and we can special order other specific compression items directly from EC3D.

bounce_balls_pack3. Bounce Balls + Picky Bars, $2.75

Need great stocking stuffer snacks that you know your favorite athlete will eat? Help them stock up on pre- and post-workout fuel to keep them going all season long!

We have two favorites and love them both because they include real ingredients:

Bounce Balls are scrumptious energy snacks shaped like bouncy balls (they don’t actually bounce, but they are delicious to eat – and you might bounce a little after eating them). These little snack bites are certified gluten free and full of nutrient-dense goodness.

Picky Bars are gluten free, dairy free and come in a variety of very delicious flavors like Cookie Doughpness, which make you think you’re eating an actual cookie, not a snack bar. Real food that fuels you…perfect!

FlipBelt_LimeCThru-300x2004. Flip Belt, $24.99

So, you (or your loved one!) are headed out for a run and need a subtle way of carrying your phone, some cash, and any other valuables (like snacks…see above). The flip belt is made of moisture wicking spandex and fits snugly around your waist to carry everything you could possibly need with no bounce and no bulkiness!

Pockets are distributed around the belt, so you can easily access items from all sides and headphones can run from a music player or your phone. We’ve worn this for everything from short runs to marathons (or going out on the town!) and love its versatility, look, and ease of use.  Who knew a well-designed waistband could be so useful?

ElliptiGO_8C_Red5. ElliptiGO, $1,299.99-$3,499.99

This one is a bigger purchase, but one of our absolute favorite ways to train when we need a lower impact option! The ElliptiGO was designed by runners for runners as the ultimate cross-training option to use when injured, or not injured as a way to add valuable training to your weekly schedule.

The ElliptiGO is perfect for anyone (runner or not!) that is looking for a great way to get a low-impact, high-performance workout outdoors. No more pedaling away on an elliptical machine in the gym. It can also be put on a trainer when you need to stay indoors – more versatile and fun than an elliptical machine at a fraction of the cost!

There are 3 options available: 3C, 8C, and 11R (and an exciting new model to be announced soon!). Choose the model that’s right for the athlete in your life, depending on terrain. The ElliptiGO can climb any hill that a road bike can climb and different gearing options allow for an easy ride anywhere!

6. The Gift of Recovery + Performance, $20 – $135

Have friends or family members that are training for their next big goal, event, or adventure? An injured or recovering loved one? If so, we’ve got everything your athlete needs to keep training harder and healing faster.

We’ve got the perfect stocking sized holiday special with a 3 for $30 package for Recharge drop-ins. Add to that the option to purchase gift certificates for sports massage, fitness classes, acupuncture, chiropractic, personal training, and much more. You can gift your athlete everything they could possibly need to train smarter and stay healthier this holiday season.

The NormaTec boots themselves would also make kind of awesome giant stockings for Santa to fill… 🙂


7. Recharge Performance Jerseys, $25 – $60

Designed with performance in mind, these make a functional gift that looks awesome too! With options of a cycling jersey, performance tee, or running singlet, our Recharge jerseys are great for any type of athlete or activity.

Or give the gift of a Team Recharge membership for only $100 – get the jersey of your choice plus a plethora of local discounts and access to special events that will keep giving all year round! 


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