Injury and Sports Chiropractic

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Scott Working 1At Bend Health & Performance, we believe that chiropractic care is about optimizing the function of your spine and nervous system to enable your body to operate better. While chiropractic helps reduce aches and pain, our primary goal is improving function of your spine so that it works better, lasts longer and helps you feel better. Dr. Scott Hammons brings his wealth of knowledge and experience – focusing on looking deeper into the root causes of your specific pain or injuries.  

HeadshotDr. Scott specializes in chiropractic spinal and extremity mobilization, Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Kinesio Taping and Functional Rehabilitation. Dr. Scott’s mantra is, “Move Better and Move Often.” He believes that his integrated approach to treatment maximizes health and human performance and allows his patients to achieve their goals….he is more than just your average chiropractor!

Treatment Services


Chiropractic medicine is a profession based on the relationship between the structure of the spine and the function of the nervous system. If abnormal joint motion exists, this often creates nervous system dysfunction, muscle spasms/guarding and suboptimal performance. Chiropractic adjustments have tremendous potential to help patients and can make a rapid, positive response.

Active Release Technique:

Often referred to as the Gold Standard of soft tissue treatment, Active Release Technique (ART) is widely used by professional athletes as well as every day athletes and weekend warriors.

Active Release Technique releases nerve and blood vessels trapped beneath adhesions through movement of the tissues. Because scar tissue and other adhesions build up around overused or injured muscles, the muscles eventually become weaker which changes the function and movement of the joints. Eventually, the nerves become compressed and the blood supply decreases, which is when you begin to experience limited movement and pain.

Graston Technique:

The technique utilizes stainless steel instruments designed specifically to detect and effectively treat areas with soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

Graston Technique is effective because it provides controlled microtrauma to the affected soft tissue structures. The technique stimulates a local inflammatory response, which leads to remodeling and repair of affected soft tissues. The instruments allow doctors to identify and treat specific areas.

Kinesiology Taping:

Kinesiology tape is very different from a true athletic tape; it has a built in elasticity, that when applied correctly, helps to pull the skin away from the underlying soft tissue. This increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the area, resulting in the ability to IMPROVE FORM, FUNCTION and WARD OFF FATIGUE. The continual force and demand that is applied to the body in any sport or repetitive activity, makes for a wide variety of ideal candidates for benefiting from kinesiology tape.

Functional Rehabilitation:

Functional rehabilitation and stabilization of injured muscles and joints is necessary for proper healing and the prevention of future injuries. Rehabilitation exercises tailored to your specific movement patterns and needs act to not only speed recovery, but also address the underlying causes of injuries.


How do I make a new patient appointment?

To schedule a new patient appointment, please call Recharge at (541) 306-6541 or click here to book now:

What are the clinic’s chiropractic hours?

  • Mon: 9am-3pm
  • Tues: 7:30am-noon, 2pm-6pm
  • Thurs: 7:30am-noon, 2pm-6pm

What should I wear to my appointment?

Great question! Please wear or bring extra clothes that are comfortable and/or athletic as it makes the treatment much easier to perform.

How should I prepare for my first appointment?

  • Click to fill out your new patient paperwork online before you come in
  • Wear comfortable or athletic clothing
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early in case paperwork has not been filled out 
  • Bring any records or imaging that applicable to your injury
  • For Auto Accidents, please bring any information pertaining to your case

How long is my first appointment?

The new patient appointment is one hour long and will include an examination and treatment.

Cost: Initial appointments are $165, follow treatments are $95 per session, and re-exams are $125.

Where are you located?

Bend Health and Performance is located inside of Recharge at 550 SW Industrial Way, Ste 130. Bend, OR 97702

Does my insurance cover treatment and what is the cost?

Bend Health and Performance is a cash time of service clinic. Payment at time of service can be in the form of a credit card, check, cash or Health Saving Accounts/Flex Spending Accounts. We will provide you with a Superbill complete with therapy codes at the time of your service for you to submit to insurance for reimbursement. UPDATE: We can bill insurance directly for MVA clients now!