Bendistillery XC Race: Recap and Results

Bendistillery XC Race: Recap and Results

📅September 15th, 2015, 09:43

What a wickedly good time…

11988371_1051361774887437_1764193009834989430_nThe Bendistillery XC race on Saturday was an epic amount of fun!!! We had racers from age 6 to age 70, and every single person finished with a smile on their face. Although the course turned out to be a tad bit short, nobody was complaining because the course was challenging enough! The obstacles and mud pit did not disappoint and really created a great environment, not only for the racers but for the spectators as well. People cheering at the mud pit and finish area ringing cowbells really made this event a true XC race! 


After the race, Bendistillery had their 20th anniversary party waiting where they put on a great awards ceremony for the racers. Everyone who participated got awesome prizes from Recharge and Bendistillery, and then enjoyed spirits, brews, kombucha, and awesome food from local Bend food carts.  

Not only were there cash prizes and goodie bags from Whole Foods and FootZone to the top finishers, the Bendistillery 3k XC featured unique prize categories:

“Swamp Thing” Award: Jack Strang

“Best Obstacle Form” Award: Arden Dettwiler 

“Med Ball Carry” Challenge: Evelyn Young and Ryan Wilson

“Guess Max King’s Time” Winner: Joshua Taylor

Great times were had by all and we look forward to it becoming an annual event. Full results are below, and check out more pictures of all the fun from the race on our Facebook page.  And we are excited for our second race on October 3rd…the Recharge Road Mile at Jackson’s Corner Eastside…we hope to see you all there!!!


Bendistillery XC Race Results

  1. 11219220_1051361678220780_1625188877619826447_nJared Bassett- M-25   7:23
  2. Ryan Bak- M-33    7:28
  3. Max King- M-35   7:36
  4. Austin Baillie- M-32   8:18
  5. Mike Blackmore- M-53   8:34
  6. Allison Macsas- F-31   9:00
  7. Kevin McGinnis- M-51   9:09
  8. Bennet Jackson- M-13   9:09
  9. Ryan Wilson- M-22   9:52
  10. Jack Strang- M-12    9:54
  11. Danny Harris- M-38   9:56
  12. 12019907_1051357711554510_1956304986681936434_nLyle Jackson- M-12   10:00
  13. Lee Randall- M-41   10:06
  14. Michelle Jackson- F-44   10:43
  15. Joshua Taylor- M-12   11:06
  16. Liz Bassett- F-25   11:07
  17. Kellyn Smith- F-25   11:14
  18. Evelyn Young- F-34   11:34
  19. Gary Bridwell- M-67   11:51
  20. Don Larson- M-59   12:31
  21. Maureen Schlerf – F-   12:42
  22. Katrina Wilson- F-18   14:32
  23. Arden Dettwiler- M-45   14:55
  24. Caleb Cassisi- M-6   17:35
  25. Jeanette Cassisi- F-42   17:35
  26. Bucci- M-70   24:12


Thanks everyone for making our first race a huge success…especially the staff at Bendistillery and our Recharge volunteers that made this event happen!