Charlie Roach, LAC, SMAC

Treatment with Charlie Raoch, LAc, SMAC, of Root and Branch can help you attain peak performance, fully recover from injuries, and achieve optimal health. Charlie is the only certified Sports Medicine Acupuncture practitioner in Bend, Oregon.

In addition to a BS in Biology and an MS in Acupuncture, Charlie has dedicated himself to obtaining a thorough and deep knowledge of the human body.

His certifications include:

You’ll be treated by a perfect blend of therapies and principles from western sports medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you attain optimal health, whatever your goals may be. From treating injuries and chronic pain to helping dial in your health goals, Charlie Roach, LAc, is here for you.

“As a professional cyclist, it’s critical that I stay in peak shape, address injuries or nagging issues quickly, and am always ready to perform at my best. Charlie is the best at making all of these happen.”

– Lindsay Goldman, Professional Cyclist

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