Cherie Touchette

Cherie TouchetteCherie is an elite multisport athlete, personal trainer/multisport coach, and mother of 3, who loves to ride her mountain bike on the miles of single track trails west of Bend. When she is not shuttling around her busy teenager, she is chasing around her 6 year old twin boys. She has competed 11 Ironmans – six of them at the World Championship – with a PR of 10:11. However, riding in the dirt – and helping other women ride in the dirt, is her passion. Xterra racing is all she did for a number of years – gaining her an eventual 2nd place overall female finish in 2001.

Cherie does more coaching than racing these days, assisting first timers to those trying to qualify for Kona reach their racing potential. She specializes in biomechanics and laying a proper foundation to keep her athletes injury free. Having raced as a masters athlete with a family, Cherie knows how to help get the most out of your training with the least possible time.

The core of Cherie’s fitness/training philosophy is based on attention to detail and belief that whatever level of conditioning one is at, it should be done properly. Form before function; there shouldn’t be an advanced level of activity without correct form because this will cause injury. From this foundation, she effectively and successfully works with each individual at the level they are currently at, so they may safely progress to the level they wish to achieve.


30+ years of experience

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

AQX Sports Intelligent Training    

Certified Spinning Instructor

Certified Cycle Reebok Professional Trainer

Golf Conditioning Specialist

USAT Triathlon Certified Coach

MA—Exercise Physiology. San Diego State University