The Coolest Gym In Town!

The Coolest Gym In Town!

📅January 28th, 2015, 19:18

We might be slightly biased, but we’ve spent months comparing different makes, models, and types of equipment to assemble our brand new Olympic style gym! Since you know everything we do is backed with our mission to make you a better athlete, you can rest assured knowing that we’ve built our gym with your fitness goals in mind. Whether it’s functional strength training or cardio equipment you’re looking for, we’ve got it all in one place and ready to help you become a faster, stronger, and more balanced athlete!

ef3c2f8e-d750-41a2-919e-ac7578bd65d2-1Our 5 Woodway treadmills are the fastest treadmills you’ll find in Bend. The Woodway Force is the most unique of our treadmill fleet as it is a stationary sport loading platform specifically designed for speed, acceleration, and athletic performance training. You’ll be tethered in place by a belt (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to use it when you’re here!) and you become the force that operates the treadmill. Instead of a motor, this treadmill has a brake and is the perfect tool for speed development, explosiveness, and anaerobic endurance.

All of the Woodway treadmills feature rubberized slats, which help provide extra cushioning for joints and connective tissue. The rubber also absorbs the sound of the foot strike, so you can have all the running without any of the extra sound of your feet on the belt.

Our ElliptiGOs are now included in our gym membership, so whether you stay in the gym and ride on the trainer or take one outside for your workout, you can more easily access this awesome cross-training tool. Who wants to be stuck on a conventional elliptical trainer when you can take your low impact workout outside and target running and cross country skiing specific muscle groups while experiencing the awesomeness that is the great outdoors in Bend?

In addition to cardio equipment, we’ve got a competition turf section that allows you to perform functional movements in an uninhibited way due to its softness and similarity to being outside. To go along with the turf, we’ve got functional strength training equipment that allows you to focus on specificity with range of motion and sport specific movements as you work through your training routine! We’ve got kettlebells, bands, free weights, foam plyoboxes, and stall-wall bars that allow you to perform basically any movement you could ever imagine for any sport you could possibly train for. We’re seriously committed to helping you develop as an athlete, no matter your goals!  And we’re always here to show you how to use anything you’re not sure about so that you can maximize your training time.

Last but not least, we’ve got power-lifting racks and Olympic bumper plates to take your strength training routine to the next level. Whatever activity you’re passionate about, adding strength training to your workout routine is certainly beneficial in maximizing your performance.  If you’re a hardcore lifter looking to increase your one-rep max for whichever Olympic lift has a soft-spot in your heart, we’ve got you covered there!  Our gym features only the highest quality lifting equipment from Rogue Fitness, which was purchased with the sole intention of exceeding your expectations!

Looking for something a bit more unique?  Well then, be sure to try out our in-house slackline, climbing ropes, punching bag, and Olympic rings!

Don’t forget that your first to Recharge visit is always free – so stop by, take a tour, and play with some of our new equipment!



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