Dynamic Plank Variations

Dynamic Plank Variations

📅December 16th, 2016, 03:00

The secret to successful movement and injury prevention for all athletes? A strong core!

Most people perform planks in a stationary, holding position. Though a great exercise for your entire core when done properly, a more dynamic approach to this core exercise will help you be better prepared and stronger for all of your favorite sports.

Proper form is key to completing this series of exercises. Whenever you start to lose form, stop and take a break. You want your shoulders back, hips down, core tight, and back straight. It’s best to do this with a buddy the first time, so that you can form check each other and make sure everything stays in alignment.

Dynamic Plank Variations w/ Renee Metivier Baillie

Plank #1: Glute activation while keeping your core stable and tight in the plank position while limiting any movement from the hips up.

Plank #2: Adds side-to-side movements that challenge your balance and form. Easier with legs in a wider stance, work up to keeping your feet together while alternating shoulder touches. Keep your core engaged and hips in alignment…the less movement in your torso the better!

Plank #3: Dynamic, high intensity core work to really challenge your entire core! Also lovingly known as mountain climbers (you know you love them), this type of plank really targets your hip flexors and form. Start off slow and controlled as you master form, then to a medium pace, and finish with a fast tempo. Pairing this with your favorite workout playlist will help keep you motivated as the tempo increases!

These plank variations can be done in any order, and you can add on rounds as you get stronger. And join us to learn more and have fun in one of our group classes!