Warmups: Dynamic versus Static Stretching

Warmups: Dynamic versus Static Stretching

📅November 3rd, 2015, 15:55

Static stretching has long been the warmup routine for athletes, but could this be actually hurting your performance? Dr. Kara Witzke, head professor of the kinesiology department at OSU-Cascades, gave a seminar at Recharge last week where she discussed this important aspect of training using the latest research to explain when you should use dynamic versus static stretching in your workout routine for better function, health, and recovery!

The research has concluded that static stretching warmups that elongate the muscles decrease power and one-repetition maximum strength. However, an active warmup using dynamic exercises can improve short-term performance. Most factors are related to temperature and include decreased stiffness of the muscles and joints, increased transmission rate of nerve impulses, changes in the force-velocity relationship, as well as increased glycogenolysis, glycolysis, and high-energy phosphate degradation. In addition, dynamic warmups have shown to enhance power and agility performance! So next time you go out to train think about incorporating a more active warmup routine and save the static stretching for post workout flexibility.

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