Finding Traction Inspiration

Finding Traction Inspiration

📅March 3rd, 2015, 16:12

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you knew no matter what challenges you met to get there, nothing would stand in your way? Or ever had a cause you felt so strongly about supporting, that keeping it in the back of your mind allowed you to reach goals you never thought possible?

stephanie howe nikki kimball finding tractionMany of us have been there, but how often are you distracted before you ever reach your goal?

We had the honor of hosting ultra runner and all around bad-ass woman Nikki Kimball here for the first (of what we hope to be many!) viewing of her film Finding Traction in Bend. We’d heard snippets about the film from some of our friends in the ultra running community, but nothing could have quite prepared us for incredible inspiration we found from watching the film itself!

In this raw documentary, we follow Nikki through every step of her journey along the 273 mile Long Trail in Vermont. The distance itself is pretty incredible, but even more inspiring is Nikki’s goal: to be the fastest person in history (man or woman) to complete this epic journey.

We won’t reveal what happens, as you’ll want to watch the film yourself for that, but we will say this is the most honest depiction we’ve seen yet of an elite athlete making an attempt at a big goal. While part of the reason Nikki was attempting this incredible feat was to prove to herself that it could be done, most of what kept her going was her desire to encourage women and girls to participate in sports.

Nikki KimballAfter a visit from a Girls on the Run representative toward the end of her journey, Nikki explains that “too many girls are taught to allow fear to limit their actions…I want girls to explore their fears and to crush them. I want my Long Trail attempt to inspire a little girl to say I can do better than Nikki.”

Like we said, inspiring, right? Nikki is forth-coming with sharing her personal journey with depression and how running has helped her process emotion and learn to feel again.

“Running is a metaphor for life in the sense that you get out of it what you put in to it. You have to know not just your limitations, but even more so your possibilities. What we’re capable of doing determines what we become.”

Nikki’s inspiration carries so much further than running (though it turns out there’s a lot of bacon involved in ultra running, so we may start training for ultras soon so that we can carry bacon in our pockets for fuel and eat copious amounts of food at rest stops…), but is even more so a powerful message about living a life that inspires yourself and others to break boundaries and be our best selves. Thank you to Nikki, and everyone out there powerfully sharing what drives them (the good, bad, and the ugly parts of it) so that the rest of us can step forward with courage!

As Nikki reminds us, “Hours and hours and hours of discomfort, they’re worth those moments of bliss. The highs are short-lived, but you remember them forever.”