How to Bounce Back After Injury or Disappointment

How to Bounce Back After Injury or Disappointment

📅May 18th, 2015, 09:15

We’ve all been there: months spent training for an event, only to be disappointed with your result. Or maybe you’ve poured your heart into something and ended up injured before you ever made it to the start? If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s likely that it will happen at some point as you train and compete. Knowing how to bounce back after injury or disappointment as an athlete is incredibly important as you there are sure to be a few setbacks along the way.

One of the questions many of you asked leading up to our recent athlete panel with Jesse Thomas, Suzanne King, and Lauren Fleshman was for them to share how they handle disappointment, injury, and other setbacks.

We tend to think we should beat ourselves up when something doesn’t go exactly as planned, when what we really need at that time is to relax, recover, and celebrate the work we put in before we move on. It’s important to take time to rebuild and remember why you love what you do so that as you begin structured training again you are mentally and physically prepared.

Suzanne King shared during the panel that after her last place finish she chose to “nestle in with those who had confidence (in me) and could help me build confidence.” It’s important to remember that what you do doesn’t define who you are, and to tap into other parts of your self so that you are refreshed and ready to try again.

Want more advice on how to keep moving forward after a setback? Watch the clip below from our athlete panel for more wisdom from the pros: