Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling geared to enhance your outdoor ride

Phantom3Not your ordinary indoor cycling class…

Benefit from the most technologically advanced indoor bike available: CycleOps Phantom 3. The indoor cycling solution ~ it does not replace your outdoor ride ~ it enhances it, by measuring key cycling variables ~ power measured in watts, cadence, and heart rate.

Indoor Cycling is not intended to replace your outdoor riding or as an alternative to riding in cold weather. Our classes are designed to integrate and compliment your outdoor riding with indoor training. What is the difference?

Riding is going out with friends in a group or participating in an event. The focus is on the goal, the entire ride ~ finishing, winning or enjoying the wind in your face.

Training is a focused, structured process that increases your fitness level. Training is measurable, methodical, strategic and progressive.

Our instructors years of experience will provide you with class like no other while utilizing the best in indoor cycling technology on the CycleOps Phantom bikes!

CycleOps Phantom 3 Indoor Cycles

  • Power measured in watts using an actual power meter and Joule 2.0
  • Infinitely adjustable bike – means it will fit exactly like your bike.
  • Solid base with 50 lb rear flywheel – perfect for all out sprinting and gives you a “real” bike feel.
  • The Ultimate Indoor Performance Solution – it is like riding your own bike without the logistics of transport, set-up and packing up and abusing your beloved bike on a trainer.

*Classes are by reservation, so go online or contact us at to reserve your spot today!