Introducing Strength and Conditioning with Joey Jacinto

Introducing Strength and Conditioning with Joey Jacinto

📅June 15th, 2015, 18:12

As athletes, getting faster and performing better is the ultimate goal in almost everything we do. Whether your focus is competing against yourself and your personal best, or competing against others to win a competition, strength training is the missing component in many training plans – particularly for endurance athletes.

Joey Jacinto strength and conditioningAs we finished putting together our gym in prep to open in our new location in Bend, we knew strength training and personal training programs would be top priorities on our list as we unpacked all the shiny new power-lifting racks and Olympic bumper plates from their packaging.

The wait is over as we’re excited to announce the addition of Joey Jacinto as our strength and conditioning coach, as well as several new group fitness classes and strength training workshops that he’ll be leading here at Recharge!

Joey believes that personal training is most effective when looked at from the approach of motivating and educating. Strong people are healthy people, and he sees strength training as a tool for athletes to gain power and increase speed, as well as for weight loss, bone health, and proper body mechanics. Joey has coached basketball, baseball, and football – and has helped people achieve dramatic weight loss goals as he utilizes his depth of knowledge to design training plans suitable for a variety of people.

We’ve added two new classes strength and conditioning classes with Joey:

Strength Training for Weight Loss: Monday + Thursday @ 8am

Build a better engine! Strength training can burn just as much (if not more!) fat than cardio. Did you know that a well-designed strength program can keep your metabolism burning for up to 38 hours after the workout? You continue to burn calories long after a strength training session – which helps you become leaner, stronger, and healthier!

Competition Period Strength: Monday + Wednesday @ Noon

The goal in your competition period is to peak strength and power through further training intensity with additional decreases in training volume. This group is for you if you are in your competition season and want to maximize your results with specific strength training while lessening your injury risks.  Learn what the pros do!

Want more info about why strength training is beneficial before you try a class? 

Join Joey and Focus Physical Therapy’s Peter Schrey (power team of knowledge!) for their FREE informational clinic here at Recharge on Thursday July 9th at 6:15pm. They’ll cover everything you need to know to help eliminate weaknesses and compensation patterns that lead to injury – and understand the why, how, and when of putting together a solid strength training program! Interested? red_learn_button

If you haven’t tried strength training before, now’s the time! Join Joey for a class, or schedule a personal training session, and let the results speak for themselves. #youbetter