Keep Doing What You love!

Keep Doing What You love!

📅April 7th, 2016, 17:29

Erin Felder of Bend knows how to fill her day. The wife and mother of two works as festival director for the Bend A Capella Festival at Tower Theatre, serves as a business manager for a few longtime clients and teaches ballet at a local studio. Still, amidst the busyness of balancing her professional and personal commitments, the 41-year-old is adamant about making time to use and take care of her body.

“Everybody is different,” says Erin, “But every person’s body can move and should be able to move.”

Erin, who moved to Bend with her husband Jesse 16 years ago, grew up a ballet dancer, but got away from practicing while launching a career and starting a family. Despite taking advantage of Bend’s many outdoor offerings since relocating from Southern California in 2000—golf, kayaking and paddleboarding are amongst her favorites when weather allows—her ballet slippers didn’t make it out of the closet for almost two decades. In recent years, however, Erin has gotten back to doing barre work three times a week and has extended her passion into teaching others.

“It’s been a humbling experience getting back into ballet,” Erin admits. “But I just fell back in love with it. It’s just the way your body has changed after not doing it for 20 years. But if you’re not challenging yourself and putting yourself out there, then really, what is it about?”

When she’s not practicing on the barre, Erin enjoys hitting the gym to strength train, take yoga classes and work on her aerobic fitness. After the frustration of trying to work out at some of the more popular (and packed) gyms in town, however, Erin checked out Recharge at the urging of her husband. She quickly became hooked. In six months, she’s transformed her approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and quickly made Recharge an integral part of her weekly routine.

Recharge-28“It’s worked out great,” Erin says. “Recharge has everything you could possibly need, from a lot of different equipment to incredible instructors. It’s a fun place to go and a very supportive environment.”

Erin finds herself at the Recharge facility five times a week on average, attending a mix of yoga classes and coached strength-training sessions, along with running on the treadmill. She says that in addition to a wide offering of classes and equipment, the level of instruction is second-to-none.

“I’m constantly seeking advice,” Erin admits. “And the expertise of the staff at Recharge is second to none. The instructors are always asking about my goals. They’re very detail-oriented and personalize workouts to be in line with your goals. They’ll even give me exercises to do at home!”

In addition to working out, she’ll sit in the infrared sauna once or twice a week to ease congestion and allergies. She’s also taken to Recharge’s recovery lounge and their Normatec massage boots to help her legs bounce back after a demanding dance session.

“I was reluctant at first,” Erin admits. “But it’s really worked wonders for me. I get calf cramps from dance and the boots help so much.”

Erin points to Recharge’s holistic approach to health and fitness as one of the major elements that sets it apart, along with a sense of community and inclusiveness you can only find in a place like Bend. She says that on any given day, she’ll run into everyone from married couples and the local librarian to elite athletes and weekend warriors.

“It’s been a fun place to go hang out,” Erin says. “One day I was sitting in the recovery lounge next to an Olympian skier and had no idea. It’s just a really welcoming place, whether you’re an everyday person or an elite athlete. It’s a really welcoming place and a good representation of the community we have here in Bend.”

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