Mechanics + Mobility

Mechanics + Mobility:

Release, lengthen, and activate your muscles to improve form, prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness and stress, and increase your range of motion with a mindfulness to rehab and prehab. This class focuses on functional movement, core engagement, and biomechanics as well as specific mobility and flexibility in a class that is good for all types of athletes! Whether rehabbing an injury, needing to loosen stiff muscles, or learn proper form and alignment…this class is for everyone and should be a part of your weekly routine. Even more results when combined with our wellness lounge for optimal recovery and performance!!! 

Whether overly stressed, working hard, coming back from injury, or making yourself bulletproof, this is a class designed specifically to help you adapt, recover, and rebuild stronger!

Let our Recharge team’s experience help you increase your athletic potential, no matter what your sport is!

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