Mind Body Connection for Athletes with Thrive Bend

Mind Body Connection for Athletes with Thrive Bend

📅May 4th, 2015, 08:34

Take a minute and think about your best workout or competition. What made that day different than other days?

We’ve all heard people say that athletic performance is 90% mental and 10% physical…while we definitely believe in the importance of training the body for performance, we agree that the mental aspect of training and competing should not be overlooked. Have you ever known that you were fit, but had a key workout or competition sabotaged by thoughts of something completely unrelated to your sport? Or maybe you’ve known you’ve done good work, but your uncertainty in fitness and in returning to your sport after injury or prolonged time off makes returning to training or competing difficult?

It is just as important to spend time focused on the mental aspect of training as it is the physical – or as they sing and dance about in High School Musical “Get’Cha Head in the Game” (warning: do not click that link if you do not want a song stuck in your head all day). 🙂

With this in mind, we are so happy to have Katie Steele with Thrive Bend at Recharge so that she can help all of us keep our heads in the game, whether the game is sport, or the game is life. As an athlete herself, Katie’s high school and college mantra of mind over matter led to injury and frustration – so she realized how important it was to connect mind and body, and to use exercise to do that. Read on for more about Katie and what she is excited to offer to the Recharge community…

shutterstock72605071-2I will start by saying while I was competing in high school and college one of my mantras was mind over matter. I find this ironic now being a marriage and family therapist that works everyday with others and myself to intentionally cultivate mind body connection. I believe that mantra lead me to this path. Mind over matter led to injury and frustration. It turned out my body was NOT a huge fan of that mantra and that I needed to focus on connecting both aspects to be successful.

Thrive Bend evolved for me while I was in graduate school. I started researching the integration of exercise and talk therapy, a completely natural blend. So much clarity comes from moving your body, breathing fresh air, and talking through whatever is on your mind. Processing is able to happen at a deeper, more connected level while your body is in motion. The mind and body are joint entities and need to learn how to work together to maximize your potential.

Thrive Bend’s mission is for each person to reach their best version of them, so pairing with Recharge is a natural fit. Some people work with me because there is something specific they want to work through: stress, anxiety, fear, trust, managing pressure, depression, etc. Others simply because they feel there is something holding them back and they want to take their life to the next level.

Truth be told we all need support at one point or another. This life is a fluid journey of self exploration and discovery.  We must be intentional and take charge of our life in order to feel more empowered, more alive, and more connected! Who doesn’t want that? I’ve yet to meet anybody that can reach their highest potential alone. Why then do we pretend that we can?!

We all have a definition for therapy, a belief about it and perhaps maybe even a judgement about it. Therapy is typically a quiet, hush hush type of engagement. You may tell your closest friend that, shhh…. you go to therapy, however it is not something you broadcast around the office. Honestly, I went to therapy for the first time when I was in graduate school to become a therapist. I thought it would be wise to feel what the other side of the room felt like. Understatement of the century, right?! I would get nervous sitting in the lobby in case somebody I knew walked in, or somebody drove by while I was walking to my car…

WHY?!? Instead of shame, we should be proud when we are intentional and take charge of our life!

In order to reach that feeling of success we all strive for, we have to conquer a lot of valleys and moments when things aren’t going exactly as we’d planned. I have come to embrace and lean into “failing,” something that used to deeply frighten me. Learning from others and working with a therapist enables me to constantly become more connected with who I am as a person (“failures” and all) and what I represent in this amazing world!

Thrive Bend is thrilled to be a part of the Recharge community…with true holistic support for athletes that works so hard to help make you.better!

Our mind can be our biggest opponent. Tricking us with the stories is constructs, the shame it attaches to formed beliefs, and the ways it wants to hold us back. My hope is that we can all learn to encourage each other to get the support that will assist us in reaching the very best version ourselves!

I would love to take a walk with you along the Deschutes and accompany you on your journey to your best you!

Interested? Contact Katie to learn more!