More Bang for your Buck Dynamic Warmup

More Bang for your Buck Dynamic Warmup

📅May 6th, 2015, 18:11

For Workout Wednesday, our strength & conditioning coach Joey Jacinto demonstrates a great dynamic warmup that specifically activates the muscles and prepares the body (and mind!) for harder efforts and heavier lifting. Be sure to spend at least 10-15 minutes going through this routine to properly warmup before more intense training in order to help you enhance performance.  A dynamic warmup can be used to gain many training benefits including better flexibility and mobility, increased power and strength, improved coordination and balance, reduced injury risk, and correction of muscular imbalances and firing patterns. Try adding these types of exercises into your training routine to be healthier and stronger no matter what sport or activities you do!

Physiological reasons for a dynamic warm-up:

  • To increase the core temperature.
  • To increase heart rate and blood flow to skeletal tissues which improves the efficiency of oxygen uptake and transport, carbon dioxide removal, and removal and breakdown of anaerobic byproduct.
  • To increase the activation of the Central Nervous System.
  • To increase the rate and force of muscle contraction and contractile mechanical efficiency.
  • To increase the suppleness of connective tissue (resulting in less incidence of musculotendonous injuries)

Don’t forget to always focus on form:

  • Always keep a straight back with good posture.
  • Focus on knee alignment over your ankles.
  • Remember to engage the entire core & obliques.
  • Always start with light weight and lower intensity before increasing.
  • Quality over quantity!

More Bang For Your Buck Dynamic Warmup

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