Nutrition Coaching

Healthy food wallpaper 02 2560x1600Have you ever started a workout knowing that you’re fit, but then been unable to sustain the work because you weren’t properly fueled? Experience afternoon lulls that can only be cured by coffee (though caffeine has its rightful place in athletic performance and recovery too)? Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle, whether your goal is to be a better athlete or you just want to feel more energized throughout your day.

Since nutrition plays such an integral role in making “you. better.” we’ve got the best of the best in Central Oregon sports nutrition at Recharge for you.

“Healthy eating is all about knowledge and application. I will give you the tools you need to be empowered to make healthy choices on your own. I will help support you along the way, but ultimately YOU need to make the changes. Healthy eating is not a finish line, it’s an ongoing, lifelong journey. By learning how to properly fuel you will enable yourself to get the most out of your training and have a higher quality of life.”

Michelle Abbey, RDN

Becoming more interested in fueling her adventure, and reading about popular diets, Michelle decided to make it her mission to become a dietitian in order to make the most educated decision she could, regarding nutrition, for herself, and others.

Michelle also happens to be a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, something near and dear to her heart. Her focus is not only what you put IN your body, but WHERE you put your body.

Her Philosophy:

One solution does not fit all. The journey to improved health should be a fun, tasty, learning experience. You should enjoy your overall plan, because if you don’t, how long will you stick to it? A tailored plan focusing on small changes and regular accountability and assessment meetings will lead to lasting changes for the better. Nutrient dense food, physical activity, and a quality physical and social environment (i.e., time in nature and genuine social connection) = better health. Michelle helps people to ENJOY living a healthier lifestyle.

Approach for Lasting Change:

Michelle will first going to learn everything she can about you from your medical history to your likes, dislikes, and goals for the future. She am going to meet you where you are currently, and will start your journey from there. Everything may not go perfectly.

“That is why you have you, and it is why I have you. I am the expert in nutrition and wellness. You are the expert of you. I will help you navigate around (or over!) the bumps, and figure out the best plan of action, week to week. We start small, as you become confident with your healthy habits”. -Michelle Abbey, RDN

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