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Healthy food wallpaper 02 2560x1600Have you ever started a workout knowing that you’re fit, but then been unable to sustain the work because you weren’t properly fueled? Experience afternoon lulls that can only be cured by coffee (though caffeine has its rightful place in athletic performance and recovery too)? Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle, whether your goal is to be a better athlete or you just want to feel more energized throughout your day.

Since nutrition plays such an integral role in making “you. better.” we’ve got the best of the best in Central Oregon sports nutrition at Recharge for you.

“Healthy eating is all about knowledge and application. I will give you the tools you need to be empowered to make healthy choices on your own. I will help support you along the way, but ultimately YOU need to make the changes. Healthy eating is not a finish line, it’s an ongoing, lifelong journey. By learning how to properly fuel you will enable yourself to get the most out of your training and have a higher quality of life.”

Audrey Ross, CNCC, CPT

With over 10 years of experience, Audrey Ross, is ready to help you achieve your goals by optimizing your nutrition. From weight loss to sports performance to injury recovery, she has coached individuals through it all. Her perspective on nutrition is multifaceted. There are many elements that play into why we eat and what we eat. Nutrition is unique as each individual, and Audrey takes the time with each client to discover how to meet their unique nutritional needs.  

Having recovered from a life-threatening eating disorder, she cares deeply about the relationship people have with food and their bodies. That holistic perspective plays into her nutritional coaching. She has spent much of her career studying nutrient deficiencies and is devoted to making sure her clients get their nutritional needs met at every level.

“You’ve been such a positive force for me. Staying motivated has always felt so impossible until I met you. Thank you for being patient and willing to share your love of healthy food with me. It has made such a huge impact on my life as well as my family’s life.” – (Past Client, Tyla)

Tim Monaco, HLC III, CMTA

With over 25 years of experience as a practitioner and professional athlete, Tim Monaco has a broad and unique perspective to share with clients and students.

Tim’s education and experience create a diverse skill set: massage therapy with a focus on treatment and assessment; holistic nutrition and lifestyle consulting; corrective exercise training & coaching; as well as being an educator, speaker, and author. Tim utilizes Metabolic Typing to help design nutritional guidelines specific to your personal needs.

Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching with Tim

Featuring Metabolic Typing®, which is a system to identify individual dietary needs and guidelines. You will receive guidelines, support, and supplement recommendations to allow your body to heal, optimize your wellness and longevity, and give you energy for your lifestyle. Metabolic Typing and type-specific quality supplements are the ‘gold standard’ in nutrition.

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