Olympic Style Gym

Recharge Gym

Recharge’s Gym has something to offer for everyone while being conveniently located in the Old Mill district in downtown Bend.  As an Olympic style gym, whatever workout you are looking you can find it here!  Now all your training, therapy, and recovery needs are together in one place to maximize all the benefits in order to keep you healthy and performing at your best!  Below is a list of just some of the equipment our gym has to offer.

The Best in Cardio

  • Woodway Treadmills: We have multiple models all designed for different types of running, all with the best running surface available! From resistance walking to all out sprinting, these treadmills will allow you to get in a real workout when you can’t do one outside.  And we are proud to feature the fastest treadmill in Central Oregon!
  • ElliptiGOs: Our gym features a unique cardio experience…you can ride our ElliptiGO’s inside or outside in order to get a workout customized to your needs without impact! Safer for your back and burning 30% more calories than biking, this cardio workout is sure to add a little fun to your cardio workout.
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill: Our partner Focus Physical Therapy is proud to offer the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill for our members as a truly revolutionary tool for rehabilitation, recovery, performance, and health. Developed for NASA’s astronauts, the AlterG technology allows precisely calibrated body unweighting from 100% (full, normal body weight) down to just 20% in 1% increments while maintaining your normal running or walking form, movement, and mechanics.
  • Concept 2 Rowers: One of the best cardio workouts you can find for your whole body, our Concept 2 Rowers are a great way to get your heart rate up fast! Our ergometers allow you to train on land to row or race on the water, so are the perfect way to prepare for anything from Pole Pedal Paddle to a summer of playing on the Cascade Lakes.

The Best in Functional Training

  • Functional Strength Equipment: We’ve chosen functional strength training equipment that allows you to focus on specificity with full range of motion and sport specific movements as you work through your training routine. This section of the gym features kettlebells, hurdles, medicine balls, and foam plyoboxes.
  • 10606444_930049730351976_8125899074704361427_nCompetition Turf Section: The competition turf allows you to perform dynamic movements in an uninhibited way due to its softness and similarity to being outside.
  • Stall-Wall Bars: Renee’s favorite…the stall-wall bars can be used for absolutely anything! From PT exercises with bands to core work, the bars are meant to allow you to work full range of motion with a variety of exercises.

The Best in Strength Equipment

  • Rogue Power-Lifting Racks: Whatever activity you’re passionate about, adding strength training to your workout routine is certainly beneficial in maximizing your performance.  If you’re a hardcore lifter looking to increase your one-rep max for whichever Olympic lift has a soft-spot in your heart, we’ve got you covered there!
  • Olympic Bumper Plates: No more clanging iron plates! We have bumper plates ranging from 10 to 45lb to customize your workout.
  • Olympic Rings: Olympic rings allow a variety of exercises and moves that range from core work to muscle-ups, and they can be scaled to everyone’s fitness level in order to customize a workout perfect for anyone’s goals!

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