Press On: Moving Lives Thru Cancer

Press On: Moving Lives Thru Cancer

📅August 15th, 2019, 17:25

Recharge was excited to continue what the Press On event started four years ago. A passionate team wanting to create an event that celebrated the positive role our amazing Central Oregon lifestyle plays in cancer survivorship – from pre/rehabilitation and prevention to creating mental strength, focus, and general happiness.


When the full event was canceled last summer due to lack of resources, Recharge decided to continue the Recharge  Press On 5k Fun Run/Walk to still raise money to benefit the non-profit Tour de Chutes to support cancer care and survivorship for children and adults in Central Oregon. In the first 3 years, Press On has raised over $35,000 for these programs, and in 2018, we added another $700 to the total!

Even though last year’s event was small, in a short time we organized and executed an amazing, fundraising event with new Press On sponsors Red Tank Cider, Picky Bars, The Bend Bulletin, and Flash Ink Printing stepping up to help make it happen! And we will definitely be continuing the event this year with healthy movement, local drinks, interactive booths, and much more to keep raising money for cancer survivorship programs in Central Oregon. 

Thanks to everyone who supports this event – all the participants, volunteers, and sponsors!!!!

And if you still want to support the cause but will miss the event, we have Press On shirts for sale for $25 at Recharge – 100% of all shirt sales, online donations, and race registrations go to cancer survivorship programs in Central Oregon!!!!!  #youbetter

2018 Press On Recharge 5K

Pacer Mario Mendoza  18:36
1. Evelyn Young 18:40
2 Mary Wellington 20:16
3. Joe Kirby 20:20
4. Ana Kelty 21:31
5. Walter Vines 22:13
6. Dave Luke 23:13
7. Janessa Wells 23:13
8. Cynthia Lundy 24:19
9. Cedro Rodrigues 27:41
10. Katie Finney 30:43
11. Kirsten Williams 32:47
12. Marilyn Williams 32:47
13. Justen Maxey 35:43
14. Natasha McFarland 38:24
15. Shannon Moore 39:16
16. Katie McFarland 41:41
17. Matthew McFarland 42:13
18. Molly McFarland 42:13
19. Miranda Aschoff 46:30
20. Samantha Chain 46:30
Sweeper Chris Paterson + Raider 46:40