Short-Long-Short Hill Workout

Short-Long-Short Hill Workout

📅March 12th, 2015, 15:36

This hill workout is designed to tap into your VO2 max and Lactate threshold. The workout will start with the shorter and faster repeats, then move to the longer section and then finish with more of the faster repeats.

hill workoutShorter Hill Repeats

This portion of the workout will help improve your VO2 max. Find a hill with a medium slope (6% -10%) that takes 45- 90 seconds to ascend. Run or bike up the hill at an effort equivalent to the tempo of your shorter races. During each hill repeat be sure to focus on good form with a powerful push off and strong arm swings for runners. Cyclists should also focus on a powerful push off and keeping their core tight and strong, while activating the glutes. For recovery just jog or ride back down the hill to the start and go again. You will start and end the workout with this. For your first time do 2-3 repeats at the beginning and 2-3 more after the longer hill portion.


Longer Hill Repeats

For the middle section of the workout, find a hill with a medium slope (6% -10%) that will take you 90 seconds to 3 minutes to ascend. Hopefully you can use the same hill. Run or bike up this hill at an effort that is equivalent to the tempo of your longer races. Again, focusing on good form with powerful push off. For recovery, jog  or bike slowly down the hill to the start and immediately go again. To start out, do 2-3 repeats. Eventually you can work your way up as you get stronger. This workout will help you improve lactate threshold.

So by the end of the workout you will have done 6-9 repeats, with the potential to get close to 20 minutes of quality work in! This workout will get you, fit, strong, and fast! #youbetter