Introducing Sports Nutrition and Endurance Coaching with Stephanie Howe

Introducing Sports Nutrition and Endurance Coaching with Stephanie Howe

📅March 17th, 2015, 16:19


Photo credit: Tim Kemple

On our quest to make Recharge the ultimate one-stop community for Central Oregon athletes, we’ve got another exciting announcement to make as we continue to grow and expand!!

If you’ve been at the finish line of Pole Pedal Paddle in recent years or kept an eye on the ultra running scene, you’re familiar with our newest team member – Stephanie Howe! Stephanie comes to us with years of experience as an endurance athlete, and a deep love for being outside and exploring the mountains and trails everywhere she goes. Her passion for what she does is palpable and has fueled the rest of her life, from training and competing as a professional athlete to her sports nutrition and coaching business that allows her to help athletes of all abilities meet their goals.

We are thrilled to announce that Stephanie will be merging her passion with ours, to offer you the best in sports nutrition and endurance coaching at Recharge.

As an athlete herself and a doctoral candidate in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, Stephanie has years of experience that allow her to build training plans that maximize your training time and take the rest of your life in to consideration so that everything stays balanced. Stephanie knows that nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and for athletic performance. While most people understand the importance of nutrition, many are unsure exactly what healthy eating looks like. And who can blame them? There is so much conflicting information floating around that figuring out what’s right for you can become incredibly complicated.


Stephanie’s goal is to provide nutritional guidelines that are based on actual scientific evidence that will help you reach your goals. Whether it be weight loss or improved endurance performance, eating the correct foods will help support and give you the edge you need to succeed. Healthy eating is all about knowledge and application.

You’ll get the tools you need to be empowered to make healthy choices on your own. You’ll have support along the way, but ultimately YOU will make the changes that propel you to a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating is not a finish line, it’s an ongoing, lifelong journey. By learning how to properly fuel you will enable yourself to get the most out of your training and have a higher quality of life.


Endurance Coaching:

Success comes from hard work and dedication. Stephanie’s goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed and become a better athlete.  Before writing a personalized training plan, Stephanie will meet with you for an Initial Consultation. This is a one time meeting lasting 1-2 hours where she will ask you detailed questions about your physiology, training history, goals, and lifestyle. It’s also an opportunity to ask Stephanie any questions you have about training, racing, physiology, herself, etc. After your initial meeting, she will write you an individualized training plan specific to your goals. The training plan will be customized to your specific needs, built around important events or races. To maximize the effectiveness of your training plan you will communicate regularly and tweak your plan based on any feedback, progress, or life events that occur.


Use the booking links above to make an appointment to get started with Stephanie! If you’d like to get to know her better before booking, join us on Thursday April 2nd at 7pm for her Pre-Event Nutrition for Athletes talk here at Recharge. This complimentary conversation will give you all the tools you need to make it to your event healthy, happy, and well-fueled!

We’re SO excited to welcome Stephanie to our team and even more excited for this additional offering to help make #youbetter.