How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

📅November 21st, 2014, 12:00

Plantar fasciitis is a common injury for athletes of all types. If you’ve ever experience foot pain immediately upon stepping out of bed in the morning, you know exactly what we’re talking about!

Our acupuncturist, Dr. Lara Grtiz, was here to talk all things acupuncture this week and gave a demo on treatment of this common overuse injury.

Watch the video for more information and get set for your self-treatment routine at home, including toe curls with a towel, self massage with a golf or lacrosse ball, using a night splint to keep your foot in a dorsi-flexed position while sleeping and doing eccentric heel drops to stretch the area.

Early and frequent treatment is best as what starts as a little heel pain can quickly turn in to a lingering ailment that impacts every step you take during your day. In addition to these self-treatment ideas, stop by Recharge to learn how you can use sports massage, our infrared sauna, rapid release technology, cold laser therapy with e-stim and more to get yourself on the road to recovery. Foot pain be gone!