How to Use: NormaTec Recovery

How to Use: NormaTec Recovery

📅June 23rd, 2014, 22:23

You’ve heard the buzz on the street about the NormaTec recovery boots…but what do they do and how do you use them? We’ve got the scoop on our NormaTec Recovery System and how you can use them to maximize your recovery time!

What’s the Science?

After realizing that improving the massage pattern was key to advancing external compression technology, the NormaTec founder developed Sequential Pulse Technology to deliver powerful external compression to speed the athletic recovery process.

Sounds awesome, but what exactly does this mean? There are three distinct massage techniques: Pulsing, Gradients and Distal Release.

So, dynamic compression imitates the muscle pump to remove fluid and metabolites after an intense workout. Imitating the one-way valves in veins and lymphatic vessels, gradient hold pressures stop movement of body’s fluids toward the feet. Each gradient is released as soon as it is no longer needed to prevent backflow and allow for maximal rest time without a significant amount of time between compression cycles.

How the Science Works:

The NormaTec machines can be used both before and after working out to speed recovery by systematically pushing out inflammation, old blood, and lactic acid while providing a flushing massage.  There is no time limit on the machine, but a range of 15 – 30 mins is typically recommended.  Used by professional athletes around the world!

With the leg sleeves, make sure your foot is all the way at the bottom inside the boots but visible.  Make sure that sensitive areas are protected – important for our male athletes.  Also, one arm sleeve can be attached to a single, white hose for specific recovery…and to leave one hand available for working the machine or your phone!

The hip shorts are most comfortable when chair is in fully reclined position, making sure the top of the hip shorts don’t overlap your ribs.  This compression is the most intense, but it effectively works on your hips and glute/hamstring attachments!

How to Use It?

  • Choose appropriate compression sleeve for desired part of body.
  • Locate corresponding NormaTec Machine (gray + orange).
  • Remove objects that may interfere with compression (wallet, watch, etc.).
  • Attach hose to compression sleeve by matching arrows with arrows.
  • Power on machine with orange power button.
  • Adjust intensity using up and down arrows as desired.
  • Start session using blue button in center of circle: this is the play/pause button.
  • Note your start time.  Finish your session by powering off machine.
  • Unhook the hoses by pushing down on the tabs, then wipe down the sleeves.