Bend Teen Sports Performance

Bend Teen Sports Performance

📅January 8th, 2015, 18:08

Small group training designed for teens to progress them through strength training routines specific for their needs and goals- ages 13-19.

With a focus on the main muscle groups and building muscular strength, this small group will help teens get stronger while focusing on proper form and technique.  This class is specifically designed to rev the engine by boosting the metabolism…all while building lean muscle mass in a safe and encouraging environment!

Teen Strength provides an all-level small group training environment that will make teens stronger, move better, and be able to do more no matter what their goal is in order to set them up for success! Whether the focus is on weight-loss, increasing specific power and strength, becoming bullet-proof, or building stronger and/or leaner muscles…our small groups will help you achieve your goals!

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