Western States 100 Endurance Run Training

Western States 100 Endurance Run Training

📅June 27th, 2014, 23:25

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How do you train for the Western States 100…a 100-mile race with 18,000 feet of climbing and 32,000 feet of descending in temperatures that could top out well over 100 degrees? Besides running up our local mountains and doing misery ridge repeats, how do you prepare for sustained efforts in hot temperatures in a safe and more effective way than layering on every piece of clothing you own and running at the middle of the day?

We’ll be cheering loudly for our members: Max King, Stephanie Howe and Denise Bourassa as they compete in the Western States Endurance Run this weekend! We’ve heard all about the many miles they’ve logged – but most fun has been watching them sweat it in our full spectrum infrared sauna.

To prepare for potential heat extremes they’ve used our sauna for post workout heat adaptation, added training stress, and hormone and blood boosting. Session would include active rest or some training stimulation, such as:

  • Overhead Squats
  • Incline Pushups
  • Kettlebell Exercises
  • Core Work

and more during long sauna training sessions to adapt their bodies to the stress of running in extreme conditions in a safe, controlled environment. But not only is the sauna good for heat adaptations, there are real performance and health benefits to infrared sauna sessions.

What are the physiological benefits of athletes spending time in the sauna? A few of the benefits include:

  • Increasing Growth Hormone Response
  • Decreasing Cortisol Levels
  • Increasing the Oxygen Carrying Capacity of your Blood (Increasing Endurance!)
  • Decreasing your Recovery Time between Workouts

So, we’re excited to cheer on these fabulous Bend, OR athletes as they complete the race this weekend! Go Max, Stephanie, and Denise!!!! #youbetter

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