Why Indoor Training Is Important Year-Round

Why Indoor Training Is Important Year-Round

📅May 11th, 2015, 17:29

It’s easy to stay indoors in the winter when the temperatures drop and the snow is falling, but as the days get warmer and longer we tend to want to take all of our training outdoors. While we definitely agree that soaking up the perfect summer weather is the right thing to do (and who doesn’t need a little extra Vitamin D?), there are also tremendous benefits to keeping some of your training indoors during the summer months.

Training indoors allows you to completely control the environment you’re working in. Have you ever had an important key workout that suffered because of weather conditions, difficulty finding the right location, too many people on the trail or cars on the road? There’s no traffic during a focused indoor cycling class and you can find the perfect mix of hills and flat on a treadmill.

challenge and changeExperiencing extreme weather conditions as you train can be important too, especially if you are training for an event in a specific type of weather environment or terrain. The key to increasing fitness, however, is consistency and focus. Focused training in a controlled environment allows you to fully complete the workout as written in a way that is often not possible outside.

As you write your training program each week, or look at the schedule your coach has provided for you, take the time to plan for you key workouts. These are the ones that require a controlled environment. A little extra planning for these can go a long way when it comes to fitness gains. Whether indoors on a treadmill, bike, or rowing machine, you can accomplish more in less time and see bigger gains from your work. Once you have a plan for your key workouts, the others can happen anywhere – and offer the perfect opportunity for you to soak up the summer weather!

It’s also important to continue your strength training and core workout routines during the summer months, as these are key factors in preventing injuries and staying strong throughout your season. Some of this work can be done outside, but group classes and personal training allow you to get in, get your training done with proper equipment, and then get back outside to play. If you maintain consistency with the “little” parts of training indoors, you’ll be healthy and ready to go for all of your outdoor pursuits!

At the end of the day, balance is the most important part of finding a training plan and schedule that works best for you. Indoor training during the summer months may not work for everyone, but if you take the time to focus on performance with targeted indoor training for specific workouts, your fitness – and your future competitions – will thank you. #youbetter