Why Working With a Coach and Being Part of a Team is Beneficial for All Athletes

Why Working With a Coach and Being Part of a Team is Beneficial for All Athletes

📅March 10th, 2015, 15:53

The say it takes a village to raise a child. While this is definitely true for parenting, it also applies to athletes as we train for and compete in events. While it’s possible to choose your own event and write a plan to get yourself there, it’s often better to have the guidance of a coach and support of a team to help you meet, and most often exceed, your goals! You never know what’s possible until you have other people motivating you to meet goals that you never would have dreamed possible on your own.

Since our mission at Recharge is to give you all the tools you need become a stronger, faster athlete and to more fully enjoy your active lifestyle, we’re excited to announce Team Recharge, and our brand new coaching services!

We find that the most difficult part of selecting a coach is knowing exactly where you want to start, and what fit will be right for you. Both our coaching services and team options are highly individualized, so we are happy to work with you to create a program that meets your individual needs.

Who are our coaches?

If you’ve been to Recharge, you’ve probably met some of our coaches – if you haven’t been in yet, but have participated in any of the many events offered in Central Oregon (and beyond!), you’ve likely seen them out doing their thing as we’re all incredibly passionate about what we do.

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We offer personalized coaching packages with as much or as little commitment as you’d like. So whether you want a coach available 24/7 or just a training plan and some motivation to get you started, we can create both – and everything in between.

What do we stand for?

As athletes ourselves, we are passionate about what we do and committed to delivering you everything you need to succeed. As coaches, we believe that continuing education is paramount, and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all training plan.

What does all of this mean for you? You’ll have access to an incredible array of equipment to help you train harder and recover faster, in addition to an unprecedented knowledge base to help guide you to where you want to go. Success as an athlete is all about knowing when to test your boundaries and when to recover. We’ve all done this ourselves, and have learned a lot along the way. Let us share our experience with you!

How can you be part of a team?

Whether you’re training to compete with others or to test your own limits (or all of the above), it’s always better with a team of like-minded people standing behind you. And so was born… Team Recharge! Team Recharge is all about community, supporting fellow athletes and keeping things local, so we’re excited to have some of our favorite local businesses – Atlas Cider,  Focus Physical Therapy, and more – standing behind us!

You don’t have to worry about being fast or taking things too seriously – our goal is to have fun, get more people in our community excited about being training and being active, and come together to achieve and celebrate common goals.

We’ll see you soon?