Workout Wednesday: Dynamic Walking Drills

Workout Wednesday: Dynamic Walking Drills

📅April 22nd, 2015, 13:26

It’s Workout Wednesday!

After a long workout, your muscles can get stiff very quickly… We’ve all learned a few basic stretches over the years, but conflicting research on how to properly stretch and how long to hold each stretch can get confusing. These walking drills are dynamic and functional, yet gentle and non-impact enough to be used to stretch your muscles during your post workout cool down (or as a gentle, dynamic warmup) to keep your muscles healthy and flexible.

Using dynamic movements like these after a workout promotes blood flow to the muscles while stretching them in a specific way that lengthens the muscles with focus on proper form and alignment – which we often lose while forcing ourselves in to more traditional stretches. This is especially important if you are getting into your car or going to be sitting down after your workout!

The sequence includes stretches for hamstrings, calves, achilles, quads, and hips and also works balance + alignment while moving blood and reducing muscle stiffness.

This video showcases four exercises:

Hamstring Toe-Touches

Achilles Twisting Stretch

Glute and Quad Alignment Stretch

Eccentric Hamstring and Balance Drill

Perform these dynamic walking drills as often as possible immediately following a training session. These exercises really cannot be over done, and the whole routine can be finished in as little as 3-5 minutes. Really focus on perfecting your form…not on doing as many as possible. You’ll notice the more fatigued you are, the harder the exercises are to do. It is even more imperative to slow down and really concentrate on your balance as well as hip and knee alignment, since often fatigue is what causes your form to break down. Teaching your body to activate the proper muscles when you are fatigued will help you not only recover faster and feel better, but will help your form stay strong throughout those long training sessions!