Yoga for Athletes: Warm Up Flow

Yoga for Athletes: Warm Up Flow

📅March 25th, 2015, 12:00

As athletes, we are often intimidated by the idea of stepping on to a yoga mat in fear that tight muscles will keep us from being able to reach our full potential as yogis (and by that, we mean touch our toes)! 🙂

Never fear, Recharge Yoga for Athletes is here with sequencing designed specifically for those of us that rely on a balance of strength and flexibility to train and compete at the highest level! To get you started, we have a simple sequence to help warm up major muscle groups and prepare the body to move in to deeper yoga postures.

The first half of the video is without props and the second half is a modified version using blocks to reduce the distance from your hands to the ground (and let’s be honest, most of our athlete bodies are tight, so we’ll take all the help we can get!). You can also drop the back knee to the ground for further modification like the picture above. Most importantly, listen to your body to help decide the version of each pose that is best for you.

Take each individual posture on its own at first, holding for 3 – 5 breaths. After the twist, bring the lifted hand back down to the ground and step the foot back to the pose the sequence began in (downward facing dog). Once you are comfortable moving through this sequence on the breath as in the video, you can repeat 2-3x on each leg before moving on.

Want to learn more? Join Karly Wade at Recharge for our Mobility For Athletes yoga class every Thursday at 5:15!