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Our mission is to help people along their journey to reach their full potential by delivering accessible, affordable, and professional athletic recovery & performance.

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Renee and Austin Baillie
Professional Athletes and Owners of Recharge

How to Perform A Proper Deadlift

How to Perform A Proper Deadlift

Have you ever used a trap bar instead of an Olympic bar to perform a deadlift? This week's Friday performance tip is a tutorial on utilizing a trap bar for proper deadlift form. Deadlifts are an excellent way for athletes of all types to build strength in posterior chain muscles, including: [...]

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How to Write a Training Program

How to Write a Training Program

As athletes, we all have different abilities and goals, which means our training plans are going to be written differently. That being said, training programs should still have the same basic structure with different cycles written out to help build your aerobic base and endurance, strength, power, prepare specifically and peak [...]

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The Importance of Anaerobic Threshold Workouts

The Importance of Anaerobic Threshold Workouts

Have you ever overheard other people talking about threshold training and wondered what exactly this type of training really meant?  What is the importance of anaerobic threshold workouts?  Has your coach or trainer given you these types of workouts, but the exact goal of the workout was lost in translation? [...]

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