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Our mission is to help people along their journey to reach their full potential by delivering accessible, affordable, and professional athletic recovery & performance.

We are excited to share our love of sports and the information we have learned throughout our competitive athletic careers with everyone!

Renee and Austin Baillie
Professional Athletes and Owners of Recharge

Healthy Recipe | Chocolate Date Truffles

Healthy Recipe | Chocolate Date Truffles

Recharge's co-owner and pro athlete, Renee Metivier Baillie, shares her favorite healthy recipe for chocolate date truffles that make a perfect pre- or post- workout snack as well as an amazing healthy dessert option! Healthy Recipe: Chocolate Date Truffles This tasty (and deceptively healthy) snack made primarily from dates and nuts is [...]

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6 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Athletes

6 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Athletes

The holiday season is here, which means watching A Christmas Story and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on repeat during long indoor trainer sessions on the bike during uncooperative weather and attending holiday party after holiday party to celebrate the season with friends and family. Between training time and celebrating time, there's little [...]

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Core Stability Workout

Core Stability Workout

This week's Friday performance tip is a core stability workout from our recovery specialist and coach, Greg Miller. This workout is a great way to strengthen your core and stabilizers and can be done without the Bosu Ball at first if balance compromises upper body form. Use a resistance band that allows [...]

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