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Our mission is to help people along their journey to reach their full potential by delivering accessible, affordable, and professional athletic recovery & performance.

We are excited to share our love of sports and the information we have learned throughout our competitive athletic careers with everyone!

Renee and Austin Baillie
Professional Athletes and Owners of Recharge

Mental Training for Athletes

Mental Training for Athletes

How do you get the most out of yourself when training or competing? Our professional runner/Recharge co-owner Renee Metivier Baillie shares her thoughts and some personal experience as we ponder... What helps you dig deep when you feel like you have nothing more to give? What can enable you to transcend expectations from [...]

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Runner Touches with Jared Bassett

Runner Touches with Jared Bassett

For this week's Friday performance tip, our recovery specialist and elite runner for Brooks Jared Bassett walks through how to do Runner Touches to help build core strength, balance and flexibility. Watch the video for all the details. Begin with 10 repetitions 1-2x/week and increase the number of sets as you [...]

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Definitions of Winning

Definitions of Winning

Many athletes struggle to define success when they compete against younger and stronger athletes. Recharge team member and elite cyclist, Greg Miller, shares his different definitions of winning, and how they have changed as he has transitioned into a masters cyclist. "What is winning? Is winning the top step of the [...]

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