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Max King

"Recharge is my go-to training facility.
The best in strength equipment, massage, recovery,
ElliptiGO, heat training, contrast baths -
they have it all!"

Max King, Professional Runner

Our mission is to help people along their journey to reach their full potential with an accessible, affordable, and innovative healthcare + performance facility that strives to make "You. Better."

From the best in personalized coaching, strength and recovery equipment, and a team of elite therapists, Recharge offers more at our integrated, multi-disciplinary healthcare and fitness center.

With inclusivity and positivity to help you reach your goals - Recharge is not your average gym!

Renee Metivier
Professional Athlete, Coach, and Owner of Recharge

Winter Motivation!

Winter Motivation!

It’s that time of year again; when the snow is falling, it is colder, and the days are filled with unpredictable weather. Winter is by far the easiest time to lose motivation in your training, but fear not, there are ways to stay motivated and fine-tune your fitness by working on your [...]

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Press On: Moving Lives Thru Cancer

Press On: Moving Lives Thru Cancer

Recharge was excited to continue what the Press On event started three years ago. A passionate team wanting to create an event that celebrated the positive role our amazing Central Oregon lifestyle plays in cancer survivorship - from pre/rehabilitation and prevention to creating mental strength, focus, and general happiness. When the [...]

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Infrared Sauna? Cuz Science, That’s Why!

Infrared Sauna? Cuz Science, That’s Why!

Why Infrared Sauna? Cuz science, that's why! Leaving aside the anecdotal “it feels really freaking good,” let’s dive into some of the fascinating science that this wonderful tool provides. Since we’re all active individuals here driven to reach individual goals, we’ll start with the performance enhancing benefits of hyperthermic conditioning (sounds [...]

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